Why Zombies vs Hippies???

I don’t know why but I have a fascination with zombies. And man it was even before all this Walking Dead craze hit the mainstream. I know, how hipster does that sound? But it’s da truth!

I had an art class during college and we had a performance art type of project. Can you guess what my idea was? Yep, it involved zombies.

zombie-girlAt the time I was a huge Call of Duty fan as well and in the game there was a game type where you would be a military guy fighting off zombies in your bunker or in an abandoned hotel or movie theater. Boy did I waste a ton of time playing that stupid game. Anyways, back to my performance art assignment.

At a nearby park in my college town every Saturday morning there would be these guys doing that whole LARPing thing. You know, what they do in the movie Role Models. My idea was to get a bunch of my fraternity buddies to dress up as either zombies or army men and to descend upon the LARPers. I figured they’d get a kick out of it, be totally into it and I could catch it all on camera via several different cameras and angles. Alas, it ended up being too much to tackle logistically at the time. You guessed it, trying to get a bunch of fraternity dudes up early on a Saturday morning was a struggle to say the least.

Anyways that’s sort of the gist of why I’ve named this blog what I have.

And the “hippies” part; I just thought it sounded funny.