Important Piano Storage Tips You Need to Know

Even though a piano can be a huge appliance, its parts are quite delicate and can get damaged if not handled well. Putting a piano in storage for a long time is notclean-piano actually recommended because it may develop problems if dust accumulates within its parts. However, having a storage unit can help you monitor the instrument regularly. Remember, it is a huge investment that you will not like to lose. Therefore, check the following piano storage tips.

1. Ensure It Is In Good Condition and Well Cleaned

Before putting your piano into the storage unit, ensure it is well cleaned. Apart from general cleaning, all its parts should be tightened especially if you are relocating to a new home. There is appropriate polish specifically made for pianos, so use it to clean the parts of the piano. On the non-wooden parts, you can use a damp cloth to wipe out dust or particles. If you have hired a piano mover, it is recommended to check if all its parts are in ideal condition before letting the mover to transport it. Also, ensure the transporting facility has adequate space to accommodate the piano comfortably.

2. Allow the Piano To Adapt the New Environment Before Tuning

Perhaps you need to start playing the instrument just after settling in your new home, and therefore you need it tuned before moving. Piano may lose its initial tune due to environmental changes, and it will be advisable to move the appliance without tuning. Let it settle for about a week to adapt the new environment, and then consider tuning it.

3. Avoid Covering It With Plastic or Polytene Papers

Plastic or polythene may protect the parts from dust, but there is likelihood of moisture developing, and probably damaging the instrument. Also, upright storage is always recommended because the parts are not likely to fall apart. You need to use fabric or blankets to cover the piano, because dust cannot penetrate the fabric. Also, covering the appliance with a thick blanket is suitable especially when moving.

4. Store The Instrument Together With Other Accessories

The items you use while playing the piano should be stored together for easy accessibility. Ensure the books are put into a box and sealed, while the bench is covered with fabric. This offers convenience even when you want to move. However, avoid storing items on top of the piano, because heavy things may damage it.

5. Store In a Humidity and Temperature Control Unit

Pianos are quite sensitive to climatic changes such as humidity and temperature. If there is the tendency of high-temperature fluctuations, the instrument’s finish may start deteriorating. Also, storing a piano in uncontrolled climate unit may affect the tuning, and thus force you to contact an expert to tune it whenever you need to play. According to experts, it is advisable to place mothballs inside the instrument when storing it, but they should be removed before playing.

On top of the above storage tips, you need to understand that a piano can be severely destroyed while moving. It is advisable to hire a reliable piano mover, who will assure you good care of the instrument right from the start to the end.


Why Zombies vs Hippies???

I don’t know why but I have a fascination with zombies. And man it was even before all this Walking Dead craze hit the mainstream. I know, how hipster does that sound? But it’s da truth!

I had an art class during college and we had a performance art type of project. Can you guess what my idea was? Yep, it involved zombies.

zombie-girlAt the time I was a huge Call of Duty fan as well and in the game there was a game type where you would be a military guy fighting off zombies in your bunker or in an abandoned hotel or movie theater. Boy did I waste a ton of time playing that stupid game. Anyways, back to my performance art assignment.

At a nearby park in my college town every Saturday morning there would be these guys doing that whole LARPing thing. You know, what they do in the movie Role Models. My idea was to get a bunch of my fraternity buddies to dress up as either zombies or army men and to descend upon the LARPers. I figured they’d get a kick out of it, be totally into it and I could catch it all on camera via several different cameras and angles. Alas, it ended up being too much to tackle logistically at the time. You guessed it, trying to get a bunch of fraternity dudes up early on a Saturday morning was a struggle to say the least.

Anyways that’s sort of the gist of why I’ve named this blog what I have.

And the “hippies” part; I just thought it sounded funny.